Gauge theory is an established and fertile scientific principle with a broad spectrum of
important applications throughout mathematics and theoretical physics. On the other
hand, noncommutative geometry is a comparatively young yet equally exciting field
of mathematics: it has already found a fascinating collection of applications in areas as
diverse as particle physics, algebraic geometry, quantum field theory and number theory.

The interaction between gauge theory and noncommutative geometry is one of the
most promising new areas of research in modern mathematical physics and is the topic of this workshop. Its purpose is to bring together an elite collection of mathematicians
and physicists whose research is centred upon the various approaches to gauge theory on
noncommutative manifolds, including their physical applications. The main focus will be
to provide an intimate and productive atmosphere in which leading experts will be able
to discuss cutting edge topics and new directions of research in the field.

Besides the five days of lectures, seminar talks and discussion sessions, there will also be a public evening lecture on Monday April 4 (18:00, Huygens building) that will be delivered by French mathematician and Fields medallist Alain Connes (IHÉS/Collège de France).

Link to animation movie Noncommutative geometry and particle physics

Photos of public event (by Esmee Sherlock):

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