Useful info

Transport from the hotel Belvoir to the Huygens building (the green building). We recommend the bus 300 (taking about 15 minutes to bus stop Huygensgebouw, departure e.g. at 8:31, 8:39, 8:54), since the walking time from the hotel to Huygensgebouw is around 45 minutes, although if you enjoy walking then the map should be easy to follow.

Some restaurant ideas for the evenings. Most of these will have vegetarian/vegan options:

On the Kelfkensbos:
Indian Way (Indian; vegetarian/vegan options)
Mr Jack’s (Greek-Italian)
Qke-le-Q (French)
Bleecker Street (Tapas)
De Pizza Bakkers (Italian)
Bistro Flores
Notting Hill (Bohemian-Art-Food)

On the Hertogstraat:
Cafe In-credible (nice food, not expensive, vegetarian options)
Wally’s (Burger bar, black-bean burgers available)

On the Burchtstraat:
Crudo (Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw, but check their opening times)
There are several “eetcafes” on the Grote Markt

On the Bloemerstraat:
Cafe de Plak (Vegetarian/Vegan options)