Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry

Workshop in relation to the NWO Physics Vrije Programma Quantum gravity and the search for quantum spacetimeThe goal is to bring together a range of researchers who are interested in theories of quantum gravity and quantum spacetime from a variety of angles, including asymptotic safety, causal dynamical triangulations, non-commutative and ‘fuzzy’ geometry, statistical/discrete formulations and tensor models, with the help of mathematical tools, renormalization group techniques, non-perturbative methods and computer simulations.

Date: Wednesday October 30 – Friday November 1, 2019

Talks start on Wednesday morning after the opening by IMAPP-director Prof. Dr. H.T. Koelink at 9:25 and will finish Friday late afternoon.

Location: HG00.303, Huygens Building, Radboud University, Nijmegen (how to get there)


Poster (by Timothy Budd):