Of course, there are several routes to learn noncommutative geometry and to understand its applications to particle physics. Here we list some review texts that might help the reader on his/her way. The texts have different levels of technicality, ranging from popular publications to detailed scientific treatments. Also illustrational material and videos can be found here.

Alain Connes: “Change of paradigm unit of length” (video)

Alain Connes: “Derivation of the Standard Model from noncommutative geometry” (video)

Alain Connes: “Spectral action, Yang-Mills theory” (video)

Alain Connes: “What is a noncommutative space and its group of symmetries” (video)

Ali Chamseddine on “Spectral Geometric Unification” (video)

Artist’s impression of noncommutative spacetime

NCG in four pages

Noncommutative derivation of the Standard Model – original articles

Noncommutative geometry of the Standard Model (for mathematicians)

Noncommutative geometry of the Standard Model (for physicists)