Assistant/Associate Professor of Mathematical Physics, Radboud University Nijmegen

We are looking for a mathematician working in the area of mathematical general relativity. This position will expand our young initiative in mathematical relativity, which is part of the Mathematical Physics research group. This group has traditionally specialised in quantum (field) theory, non-commutative geometry and operator algebras, and foundations of quantum physics and general relativity, which is led by Klaas Landsman and Walter van Suijlekom as full professors and also includes Annegret Burtscher, Peter Hochs, and Michael Müger. Within the Mathematics Department, this group is also closely connected to research in both applied mathematics, especially on partial differential equations (PDEs), and pure mathematics with a focus on analysis and geometry. You will also strengthen the increasing concentration of our umbrella institute (IMAPP) on gravity as a key research theme, particularly on black holes (including the Event Horizon Telescope), gravitational waves (with links to both current and future detection technology such as the Einstein Telescope), and quantum gravity. Women and members of other groups underrepresented in science are especially encouraged to apply.

Please find the announcement for the vacancy of Assistant/Associate Professor of mathematical physics:

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