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Assistant Professor of Mathematical Physics, Radboud University Nijmegen

Are you an enthusiastic mathematical physicist or mathematician with a strong and broad interest in the philosophical foundations of physics? Then this exciting opportunity to join our institute as an assistant professor could be interesting for you.

Your primary place of employment will be the Department of Mathematics at the Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics, and Particle Physics (IMAPP) of Radboud University. You will also be a member of the new Radboud Center for Natural Philosophy (RCNP), created by 2022 Spinoza laureate Klaas Landsman, where you can exchange ideas with mathematical physicists, theoretical physicists, philosophers of science, and historians of science. The other partners in this Center, besides IMAPP, are the Institute for Science in Society (ISiS) in the Faculty of Science and the Center for the History of Philosophy and Science (CHPS) in the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. You should therefore be willing and able to work in an interdisciplinary team and collaborate with both natural scientists and humanities scholars. RCNP’s initial research focus will be on determinism, randomness and emergence in modern physics. Your expertise should be in at least one and ideally more of the three great fundamental theories of modern physics, viz. statistical mechanics, quantum field theory, and general relativity. Expertise in the foundations of mathematics and logic would be a plus.

As Assistant Professor of Mathematical Physics, you will teach general mathematics and mathematical physics courses to mathematics and physics students at both BSc and MSc level. In addition, you will develop and teach specialised courses within the domain of the Radboud Center for Natural Philosophy, often jointly with colleagues from relevant neighbouring disciplines. On average, the teaching load will be 40% (20% in the first three years), with 40% research time (to be dedicated to high-quality, internationally visible research), and 20% management and outreach activities. You will supervise or co-supervise BSc, MSc and PhD students writing their theses. You will be expected to publish in reputable international journals and attract external research funding from governmental, European and/or private institutions. Moreover, you will build or at least contribute to appropriate international networks.

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