NCG Symposium

On the occasion of Walter van Suijlekom‘s inaugural lecture at 15:45 there will be a symposium on noncommutative geometry in the morning of September 7 2022. All talks will take place in HG00.065 in the Huygensgebouw.

9:30-10:15Giovanni Landi (Univ. Trieste) – Atiyah sequences of braided Lie algebras and their splittings
10:30-11:15Victor Gayral (Univ. Reims) – Quantization of $GL_n(\R)\ltimes\R^n$
11:30-12:15Alain Connes (IHÉS, Collège de France) – The odd number three (zoom)
12:30-14:00Lunch (Huygensgebouw)
15:00Walk to aula
15:30Arrival at Aula (Comeniuslaan 2)
15:45Inaugural lecture Walter van Suijlekom (Aula, Comeniuslaan 2) livestream