Of course, there are several routes to learn noncommutative geometry and to understand its applications to particle physics. Here we list some review texts that might help the reader on his/her way. The texts have different levels of technicality, ranging from popular publications to detailed scientific treatments. Also illustrational material and videos can be found here.

Alain Connes: “Change of paradigm unit of length” (video)

Alain Connes: “Derivation of the Standard Model from noncommutative geometry” (video)

Alain Connes: “Spectral action, Yang-Mills theory” (video)

Alain Connes: “What is a noncommutative space and its group of symmetries” (video)

Alain Connes: From rings of operators to noncommutative geometry (Fields Institute, December 2023)

Ali Chamseddine on “Spectral Geometric Unification” (video)

Artist’s impression of noncommutative spacetime

NCG in four pages

Noncommutative derivation of the Standard Model – original articles

Noncommutative geometry of the Standard Model (for mathematicians)