Masterclass on Subfactors and Quantum Groups, Copenhagen

Subfactors and Quantum Groups: a combinatorial approach to some problems in Operator Algebras

Masterclass, University of Copenhagen, 29 April –  3 May 2019

The celebrated theory of subfactors studied by V. Jones in the early 1980’s finds a connection with discrete quantum groups (duals of compact quantum groups in the sense of Woronowicz) through the concept of rigid C*-tensor category thanks to works of S. Popa in the 1990’s. The aim of this 5-days masterclass is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the subfactor theory as well as the combinatorics behind in order to understand this connection and highlight some recent applications.

The masterclass will consist of three lecture series by Michael Brannan, Amaury Freslon and Stefaan Vaes, accompained by several problem sessions. Besides, there will be three contributed talks which will complement the topics treated in the mini-courses.

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