Masterclass on unbounded KK-theory in Copenhagen

At the end of a summer there will be a master class in Copenhagen on unbounded KK-theory and the more analytic aspects of non commutative geometry. During the master class there will be lecture series:
  • Matthias Lesch (University of Bonn)
    “Sums of regular self-adjoint operators”
  • Adam Rennie (University of Wollongong)
    “Applications of KK-theory in non-commutative geometry and physics”
  • Fedor Sukochev (University of New South Wales)
    “Introduction to Double Operator Integration and Quantum Differentiability of Essentially Bounded Functions on Euclidean Space”
The master class will take place 22-26/8 at the mathematics department in Copenhagen. More information can be found on:
There is funding for local expenses and possibilities for participants to contribute with talks. The deadline for registration is August 1st. If you want to stay in the shared accommodation booked by the department it is July 1st.

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